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How Important Is Entertainment?

If you are having a party or a wedding reception entertainment is of high importance. In fact at wedding receptions.. “When asked 81% of guests say the thing they remember most about a wedding is the entertainmen”t.

If I get a DJ will I just get RAP songs all night?

No, we have many types of music and at most functions a good mixture of music genre’s is usually better.

Do you take requests?

Yes. Keep in mind though that often some songs belong together, while others don’t.

How Much experience does the DJ Have?

10 years expereince.

Will I get the owner of the business as the DJ and is this important?

Usually Yes, unless we stipulate when you book. While subcontractors and employee DJ’s are good, getting the owner of the business as your DJ, means he will have a large stake in the success of your function.

Will I get to meet, or talk to the DJ I get before my function?


I went to a function you were at, it was great, will you play the same music at my function?

All functions are different. Normally we don’t play the same music at one function to the next, but we can if you wish. Obviously you would not expect the same music at a school disco and a wedding. For that matter you would not necessarily expect the same music at an 18th and a 40th birthday party.

Your Company is small, isnt it better to go with a big company?

No, being a small company we can offer you the personalized service that only a small company can. We have better equipment than many BIG companies.







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