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Helpful Tips on making your function a great event for all

Dont put grandma, & grandpa right next to the speakers

This seems obvious when you think about it. Often people will have functions with varying age groups, such as weddings. Often it is the case that the youngest people want the music louder, whereas the oldest people there want the music turned down. While we don’t endorse really loud music, some volume is often needed to get people in the mood. Consider putting the older guests up the back of the room or, up the back closest to the bridal table (if a wedding), and teenagers, or people in their 20s closest. Also consider people with really young children the same as the older people and put them away from the front. This not only makes things easier for us, but will also keep your guests happy.



Don’t Pick somewhere to big for your function

While this is not hard and fast, in general terms if you have a vast open room with few people in it it seems cold.

Many times people seem to have the perception that having a big dancefloor for the number of guests is a good idea, however observation over the past 10 years has shown that normally the dancefloor or dancefloor area should be able to fit approximately 1/3 of the people in attendance on it, at any one time. exceptions to this exist, but in general terms this seems to be the best option.


Find a venue with pleasant & flexible staff

This may seem obvious, but some venues are inflexible, and not to plesant. With some venues, it seems it is about what suits them not what suits you as paying guests. This should be considered within reason though as venues, by law must refuse intoxicated persons, and don’t have to put up with some behaviour.


Arrange the room correctly

In terms of getting people to have a good time, it is important to think about where you put the dancefloor, and seat the guests. As a rule try to position the dancefloor between the source of music, (your DJ) and the guests so that the disco lights and sound is most pronounced on the dancefloor. Dont position tables between the dancefloor and the DJ, if it can be avoided.



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