Venues to Choose

We will go to almost any Venue, but below is a list of some of the suggested ones

Venue Name

Suitable for Functions



The Harbourview Function Centre is a good venue, There are 4 rooms

The Hunter Room Is a great Room, and suits Christmas Parties, and smallish weddings.

The Harourview Room suits Weddings.

The other above rooms while not as good are still great rooms.

The harbourview Function centre CURRENTLY allows a smoke machine to be used.

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Cardiff RSL

Cardiff RSL is a good venue for a wedding, or large Christmas party, and the staff are helpful.


Lambton RSL

Lambton RSL is a good, cost effective venue for functions such as 21st Birthdays or casual Christmas Parties. The Room is good for a small function


Harigan’s Irish Pub

Harigans Irish pub has a very good function area that is outdoors but inclosed, with excellent atmosphere


Belmont 16 footers

Belmont 16 Footers is a great venue, and has excellent upstairs rooms. If they have some deal with some other company though make sure you get us.


The Vintage

The Vintage is an excellent venue if you are planning on having a wedding reception.


Squids Ink

Squids Ink is a great venue, if you want a small wedding with up to 80 guests. The atmosphere is great and they allow a smoke machine. Great for small weddings and corporate shows.



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